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U-Type® Secondary Cleaner

  • U-Type
  • U-Type
  • U-Type
The U-Type® Secondary Belt Cleaner is designed for constant blade-to-belt contact for the highest cleaning efficiency – especially in tough applications requiring removal of water and sticky carryback materials. The U-shaped design conforms to the belt, allowing the blade tip to shear stubborn carryback materials from the belt.
Blade replacement is made easy with the U-Type's removable plate. Simply release the blade tension, loosen the bolts on the back of the cleaner pole, slide the worn blade out, insert the new blad0,e and retighten the bolts. The job can be done in minutes.
The Flexco Mineline® endorsement means its proven in heavy-tonnage applications that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system.

Features and Benefits

  • Solid, U-shaped blade
  • Tungsten carbide blades deliver high cleaning efficiency and long wear life
  • Carbide tips available for mechanically fastened or vulcanized belts
  • Urethane blade option also available for maximum splice compatibility
  • CEMA Class 5
  • Self-contained UST Spring Tensioner that maintains low, uniform blade pressure across the width of belt and allows for visual tension inspection
  • Belt speeds up to:
    • C-Blade: 1300 fpm (6.6 m/sec)
    • F-Blade: 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec) 
  • Belt widths 18" to 96" (450 to 2400 mm)


  • Can be mounted at any spot from the point where the belt leaves the head pulley on down the conveyor line
  • The U-Type is unbeatable as the final cleaner in a complete cleaning system
  • Teamed with a precleaner and in some cases another secondary cleaner, the results are unmatched in cleaning efficiency
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Common Applications

  • Cement
  • Coal Mining
  • Coal Prep Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Load-out Facilities


When standard products just won't do.
Flexco Mineline® products are designed and engineered to work in some of the toughest applications in the world that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system. Products carrying the Mineline® name are proven to work — even where other products have failed.